Romy's Reiki Card Readings

Card Readings

Messages come to you through you from your Higher Self during a card reading and helps you hear what you need to hear when you are unable to hear the information that is relevant in your life. This is a very helpful tool to guide you vwhen you need clarity on making a decision, feel uncertain or just need to feel more grounded.

Romy's Reiki (Transpersonal Numerology)

Transpersonal Numerology

This unique form of numerology was developed my Richard Higgins. It is a spiritual growth tool that is based on the person’s date of birth and sacred geometry. It sheds light on the dynamics of your relationships, with yourself and with others. This tool has proven to be very useful for many people that I have had sessions with, and it never ceases to switch on a light of self- discovery and creating more curiosity.

Intuitive Healing
A holistic approach

In my approach, I look at the whole individual. I use energy healing to access the aspects in the aura and the physical body that need healing. I then trace back where the dis-eased aspects originated from and unravel what needs to be healed in the long term. This can also be done for problems that are being experienced in life, whether it is in relationships, personal goals or life in general. It takes work, honesty, openness and willingness from the client to get the full benefit. I have a range of other professionals that I can refer you to if you require extra growth and assistance in various arenas outside of my expertise.

Reiki (Energy Healing)

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki is a Western Style of Reiki which is passed down through a particular lineage. Reiki is known as hands on healing, energy healing, radiant or spiritual healing. The concept is that one (Reiki practitioner) is a prism and focuses the life force energy (also known as Qi, Chi, Prana and Soul Energy) into the client. The client being willing to heal themselves as they have come for assistance from the reiki practitioner accepts the life force energy into themselves, and the energy having an intelligence, will clear blockages, heal energy tears, heal ailments and balance the chakras which in turn will heal any part of the aura that needs to be healed or balanced.

Colour Therapy

Colour is tied to our entire lives. There is immense healing potential within colour. By providing the correct focus of energy or colour to an affected area, it corrects the balance. Colour can ease irritation, calm frustration and uplift moods. The range of what colour can do is endless. Let’s explore colour together and see what it can tell us about you.

divine space website

The oils that I use for the colour therapy in my readings are from Divine Space.

Energy healing sessions can easily be done from a distance

Energy healing sessions can easily be done from a distance and are just as effective as in person.  So in this day and age with the speed of our daily lives, and with the current challenge that we are experiencing this is fabulous news! Life force energy is intelligent and with intention and connection a normal and relaxing healing session happens in the comfort of your own home.  These sessions can be set up over Zoom, Watsapp, phone call or any other mobile app.

On-site Visits

I will come to old age homes, businesses, hospitals and other special requirement situations as I am mobile. Please contact me for more information. (After lockdown)



Romy's Reiki home clearings / cleansings

Home Clearings/Cleansings

I do home clearings/cleansings. If you feel that the energy in your home is negative, feel uncomfortable in the space or if something traumatic happened in that space it helps to cleanse the space of the lower vibrational energies that may still linger there. It could be that you have created that energy yourself, or that someone else created that energy and now you moved into a new place with that energy still there. It is always possible to cleanse the space so that the energy is clear and breathable again. If you want a quote please contact me. (After lockdown)



Group Meditation Facilitation

I do group meditation facilitation. If you are interested please see when the next group meditation facilitation will be on my Facebook page or contact me. 

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After having Reiki
with Romy, a Reiki master,
I felt exhilarated and peaceful simultaneously

Angie Matthews

Clarification statement

I am not a doctor, a psychologist, therapist, psychoanalyst, psychiatrist or any other medical practitioner. I am a holistic counsellor & energy healer. I do not make diagnoses. I do not prescribe medicine. If you require urgent medical attention please see a doctor or go to the hospital


Due to COVID-19 regulations, my practice adheres to strict protocols. Please arrive with your mask and allow for your temperature to be taken at reception. I do offer Zoom, Whatsapp and phone call consultations. If you have any symptoms related to COVID-19 as below:

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Sore Throat
  • Shortness of Breath

Please call the COVID-19 Hotline: 08000 29999
or Whatsapp Support Line: 060 0 123 456